Hiring employees is a very crucial task for an organization as one wrong hire might lead to harm company’s performance and even its reputation in some cases. It is highly recommended to employers to get the background check done for all their employees, this would improve productivity and reduce the risk of bad hire. We at Tech Exons are improving our background screening process with better and advanced technology to make it easier for our customers. It is our motive to always provide excellent service. Our board of directors and management serves with strong interest, as well as a concern for the organization’s future course.


Check Xperts is a business to business product of Tech Exons Pvt. Ltd introduced for the corporate sector. It is a one stop background screening solution for organizations around the globe. We provide an easy to use platform for verifying educational documents, criminal records and experience check. It is an effective risk management tool that can reduce the chances of bad hiring, resulting in a profitable and safe work environment.



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Most of the organizations at the time of inducting a new employee rely on the information provided by the candidate. The credibility of the provided information which includes candidate qualification and expertise needs to be verified after thorough scrutiny as it can be altered or forged by the candidate to obtain better benefits, perks and position. Other undesirable aspects which need to be checked include candidates involved in civil litigation, possessing a fake degree or having a diploma from unaccredited and unrecognized institutions.
It is therefore imperative for organizations irrespective of their magnitude and scale to have a detailed screening process in place which weeds out such candidates. A meticulous background check done by an experienced vendor ensures that the right candidate gets selected for the job. TechExons has been providing all of the above mentioned services to corporate clients ranging from


It’s a very common practice that people fake their documents, why not give opportunity to the one who deserves. We at Tech Exons cross check and verify the details of enrollment and registration given on candidate’s educational document along with verification of candidate’s degree authenticity Our process also covers verification of institutions accreditation, their faculty and the candidate’s credentials.


Most of the time candidates fake their experience letter and salary slip to negotiate better in terms of salary perks and benefits. We verify your candidate’s previous employment history, salary verification, previous designation and the reasons of leaving the previous workplace. In addition, we also utilize our vast alumni network to obtain add additional information regarding your employee.


Someone who has been into criminal activities can be a threat to your company’s assets, employees and confidential information. Our team conducts rigorous background screening through in-depth research, covering all major judicial courts along with additional sources detailing information from secure platforms related to criminality, fraud, terrorism, sanctions etc.


It is very important for an organization to opt for the medical tests for their employees before hiring. It can be an overall physical checkup or some specific tests based on the work requirement. This will help in maintaining a healthy and safe work environment, by eliminating any chances of medical issues which might affect other employees. Someone going through an extreme medical trauma can be a factor for low productivity in your organization.


Drug testing provides proof of recent use of specific prescription and unlawful drugs. Safety to the company, its clients, and its workers is extremely important. It also helps organizations to ensure that the candidate has been honest in their disclosures and to authenticate character of the potential entrant.


Having a qualification does not tells about the skills and abilities of a candidate to perform a certain job. Psychometric tests are a way to evaluate different traits of a candidate which can’t be judged based on the resume and interview. It tells us about the skills, abilities, way of thinking and other attributes. There are different types of psychometric tests according to the skills required for the job and it can be customized as per your needs. It will maximize the chances of hiring perfect fit for the job which will have a great impact on your organizations overall efficiency.


Providing the best customer service is very important in today’s competitive corporate world. Companies should constantly evaluate the customer experience and service they are providing. Mystery shoppers are the perfect solution to find out about the whole customer experience from the customers point of view. We send well trained individual or team depending on your requirement to the location. Proper training is provided to them on how to evaluate certain variables. The data from this activity will help your organization to evaluate and improve the services you provide to the customer.


Whether you are hiring a new employee or starting a joint-business it is always an important decision. Even if you think you have chosen the best candidate or business partner, being Cautious won’t harm. It is an overall screening service which includes credit checks, social media screening, bank loan history, no. of properties and many other things which might help you reduce the risk of choosing a bad fit. We also cater to customized investigations as per our client needs and requirements.


We are proud of our achievements to date and are looking for continuous improvement. Our clients till now can testify to our drive and commitment while delivering our best.

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